Kristoffer Hedstrom

Like my ancestors, I make interactive things on the Internet. I’m an aspiring polymath – I enjoy both design and development, and have spent my career alternating between the two. Things I like: designing with code, simplicity, making software fun to use. Things I don’t like: sundried tomatoes.


Head of UI/UX Design

Zürich, Switzerland
December 2022 - Present
  • Responsible for the creative direction and vision of On’s digital experiences - from websites, to mobile apps, to forward thinking innovation projects
  • Fostering a design-led culture by evangelizing the value of design thinking, upholding our principles and not compromising on quality
  • Hiring, managing and mentoring a talented, diverse, inclusive team of UI/UX Designers, UX Researchers and Production Designers across the globe
  • Ensuring the team structure sets each member up with a clear growth path that reflects both their personal goals and the needs of the business
  • Valuing our principles of transparency: sharing context and plans with the team while simultaneously shielding them from unnecessary pressures and distractions
  • Connecting the dots between our various platforms to create an overall experience that's both cohesive yet specific to each platform’s needs
  • Partner with external companies and agencies when specialized needs are required

Technologies / Tools: Figma, Framer, Principle, After Effects, ProtoPie, TypeScript, React, CSS, HTML

UI/UX Design Lead

Zürich, Switzerland
December 2021 - December 2022
  • Creative lead for On's Digital Design team
  • Managed 6 full-time UI/UX and Production Designers and a stable of freelance designers
  • Recruitment of full-time designers and freelancers
  • Responsible for the art direction of On's digital flagship:
  • Ensuring accessibility standards (AA) are being met
  • Worked with 3rd party vendors and agencies to design sub-brands and other digitial properties
  • Burning out

Technologies / Tools: Figma, Framer, Principle, After Effects, ProtoPie, TypeScript, React, CSS, HTML

UI/UX Designer

Zürich, Switzerland
January 2021 - December 2021
  • Interaction and experience design for fast-growing Swiss running brand
  • Prototyped interactions using Figma, Framer, ProtoPie, and hand-coded bespoke web apps
  • Encouraged a culture of validating designs through prototyping and user testing
  • Developed Figma plugins for more effecient designs
  • Created motion studies and comps using Principle and After Effects
  • Established a design system
  • Lunch runs

Technologies / Tools: Figma, Framer, Principle, After Effects, ProtoPie, TypeScript, React, CSS, HTML

Senior UX Engineer

Zürich, Switzerland
March 2019 - December 2020
  • Creation tool experiments in Google Calendar
  • Designed and built prototypes for new features in Google Calendar and Google Tasks
  • Augmented existing Google products (Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets) with Chrome Extensions for rapid prototyping
  • Attempted to learn Swiss German

Technologies / Tools: Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, React, TypeScript, RxJS, CSS, HTML, Flutter

Art Director + Lead Product Engineer

New York, NY
Nomad Health
March 2016 - February 2019
  • Created a modern healthcare staffing platform
  • Designed new features in Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • Prototyped with Invision and Framer
  • Implemented features with React, Redux, Redux-Form, Webpack, CSS-in-JS, and SASS frontend
  • Introduced React-Native into workflow
  • Changed healthcare for the better - at least a little

Technologies / Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, InVision, Framer, Illustrator, React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Engineer, Team Lead

New York, NY
December 2015 - March 2016
  • Led a marketing team for Swedish based e-commerce company
  • Implemented responsive landing pages with Node, React, and Coffeescript

Technologies / Tools: Coffeescript, React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Product Manager / Engineering Manager

New York, NY
October 2014 - November 2015
  • Led a team of Product Engineers, Designers, and Mobile Engineers
  • Spearheaded data-driven product management
  • Planned and managed projects for the Identity team (personalization, themes, customization, etc)
  • Evaluated and analyzed results of projects and tests
  • Made teenagers super angry

Technologies / Tools: SQL, PHP, Hadoop

Product Engineer

New York, NY
July 2012 - September 2014
  • Created new features on Tumblr using Javascript, PHP, CSS, and HTML5
  • Created themes used by millions of people
  • Focused on post creation tools
  • Made the mobile web version 86% less terrible
  • Designed and developed embeddable posts for use on third party sites

Technologies / Tools: Backbone, JavaScript, Photoshop, PHP, CSS

Senior Developer

New York, NY
June 2011 - July 2012
  • Focused on implementing complex UI designs using Javascript (including Ajax, SVG, WebGL and Canvas APIs), CSS and HTML5
  • Mentored junior developers
  • Contributed to USA Today’s major redesign
  • Worked on several award winning sites for Google
  • Created a Chrome app for Al-Jazeera English

Technologies / Tools: Canvas, WebGL, JavaScript

Senior Interactive Developer

Seattle, WA
July 2010 - June 2011
  • Developed award-winning, standards-based, high-profile sites for interactive agency
  • Implemented JavaScript solutions using design patterns such as the Factory, Module, and Pub-Sub
  • Created solutions using jQuery and Prototype libraries, as well as native JavaScript
  • Led team of junior developers
  • Collaborated with clients including Microsoft, Pokémon, Target, Nintendo, Sydney Opera House, and San Francisco Opera
  • Worked on in-house products using C# and JavaScript

Technologies / Tools: JavaScript, jQuery, C#, Photoshop, Illustrator, SVG

Senior Interactive Designer

Seattle, WA
NCsoft West
June 2009 - July 2010
  • Created mockups for NCsoft’s Western game franchise web sites
  • Designed user interface solutions for game installers and launchers
  • Developed and maintained game sites using Movable Type and Expression Engine
  • Shipped games included Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Aion, Lineage II, City of Heroes

Technologies / Tools: Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Illustrator, OmniGraffle, InDesign

Senior Designer

Seattle, WA
October 2008 - June 2009
  • Designed sites and apps for automotive industry
  • Designed and implemented click-through simulators and prototypes for use with usability testing and client pitches
  • Created Information Architecture deliverables (wireframes, sitemaps, personas, etc)
  • Acted as mentor and technical consultant for junior members of the team
  • Contributed to client work including GM, Lexus, BMW, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Subaru, and Audi

Technologies / Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Visio

Senior Web Developer

Seattle, WA
June 2007 - October 2008
  • Developed award-winning, standards-based, high-profile sites for interactive agency.
  • Implemented complex UI designs using JavaScript, CSS, HMTL, and Actionscript/Flash
  • Created the welcome screen for Internet Exporer 7. Remember that browser?
  • Created Wordpress plugins and sites for a variety of clients
  • Worked on client projects including Nintendo, Raleigh Bicycles, Microsoft,Ubisoft, New York Metropolitan Opera

Technologies / Tools: HTML, JavaScript, Actionscript, Flash, Wordpress

Interactive Developer

Seattle, WA
KCTS Television
December 2003 - June 2007
  • Designed, developed, and maintained and related websites
  • Designed and implemented PBS and PBS Kids related sites
  • Created interactive features using Flash / Actionscript, ASP, SQL and XML
  • Developed applications
  • Created an online payment system for pledge drives, which brought in over $200,000 USD the first year

Technologies / Tools: Photoshop, Flash/Actionscript, ASP, SQL, Adobe Premiere, FinalCut

Freelance Interactive Designer

Seattle, WA
Freelance / K-Create
June 2001 - July 2012
  • Acted as freelance designer / developer for various web sites
  • Contributed User Experience Design, Information Architecture
  • Conducted usability testing
  • Implemented custom content management systems, using PHP, JavaScript (Node.js), and Ruby (on Rails)
  • Developed frontend systems using jQuery, Prototype / Scriptaculous, Mootools, YUI, native JavaScript, Flash and Actionscript
  • Graphic, logo and print design

Technologies / Tools: Photoshop, Wordpress, Flash/Actionscript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js

PHP Programmer

Seattle, WA
Technology Resource Foundation
June 2001 - October 2001
  • Developed open library application in HTML, PHP and MySQL for non-profit educational organization
  • Performed initial functionality tests and analysis on beta versions
  • Contributed user-interface and graphic design

Technologies / Tools: Photoshop, PHP, MySql, HTML


B.S., Computer Science

Tacoma, WA
Pacific Lutheran University
September 1998 - May 2001
  • Minor in Mathematics
  • Graduated Cum Laude. 3.77 G.P.A.
  • Dean’s List
  • Areté Society Award
  • Main focus: graphics programming and modeling, web design
  • Senior project: Flight Simulator


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • React / React-Native
  • GraphQL
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Swift
  • No/My/SQL
  • Git
  • Sublime Text
  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Framer X
  • Mac OS X
  • UNIX

URLs and References available upon request