I spent a few years working at interactive ad agencies, doing client work for companies like USA Today, Google, Nintendo, Microsoft, and many others.

Fantasy (Interactive)

Fantasy is a small, but influential agency, known for their high-level of design sophistication. I worked out of the New York office as a Senior Developer, mainly focusing on frontend heavy projects. Including a major redesign for USA Today, embedding with the Gannett team in Virginia. I also worked on several Google projects, including Project Re:Brief — iconic advertising campaigns reimagined for the 21st century, Google Zeitgeist and Think with Google, and a Google Chrome app for Al-Jazeera.


POP is a Seattle based agency, working with a variety of companies and brands. I did two stints at POP, working on a range of projects — from fine-arts to digital entertainment. One of my first projects was for Microsoft, building out the welcome screen for their brand new browser - Internet Explorer 7! (this was in 2007).